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Olympic Air Solutions, Inc. provides products and opportunities that change lives.

Our products include the world-famous FilterQueen® Indoor Air Quality System, with technology whose sole purpose is to remove harmful pollutants from your home and from your air.

The FilterQueen® System consists of the Majestic® Surface Cleaner and the Defender® Room Air Cleaner. These best-in-class products remove allergens, dirt, dust, and chemicals from all the surfaces of your home where they hide and from the air that you and your family breathe.

Educating our communities about these products and the benefits of a cleaner indoor environment presents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs.

For almost 90 years, FilterQueen® products have been sold exclusively through direct, in-home sales. This market approach offers the highest level of customer service and a complete understanding of the product’s benefits and convenience to the customer prior to purchasing a solution.

Independent FilterQueen® Distributors and happy customers can be found throughout the United States, Canada, and in over 40 other countries worldwide.


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